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HOMEbox S classic PAR+

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HOMEbox S classic PAR+
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Base area:
80 x 80 cm
160 cm
Metal, Synthetics
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Indoor plant cultivation Plant breeding Indoor growing Propagation of cuttings


The perfect Growtent for massive propagation results. It consists of an opaque (non-transparent) outer wall, which is held in place by a light-weight aluminum sceleton.

The Homebox also has a highly reflective inner layer of PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) optimized material. This radiation is used by the plant for a variety of tasks such as the production of biomass (stems, leaves, buds ...).
Therefore a PAR highly reflective coating was developed for the Homebox: PAR +. This coating is not only very effective in reflecting most of the PAR radiation, it also serves to avoid heat problems.
This means that the plants that are grown in a PAR + optimized Homebox develop more biomass and therefore more harvest and are at the same time effectively protected from damage due to unwanted heat radiation.
  • Size: 80cm x 80cm x 160cm
  • without equipment
The construction is very simple with the provided instructions, - within approx. 20 minutes the complete homebox is built and this without any tool. Taking it apart is as quick of course.
The dismantled homebox does not need much space with its size of 85 x 35 x 12cm. It only weighs 8kg.

The Layout
This system consists of very light-weight aluminum round profiles which are joined by means of plug connectors to a frame. The upper frame offers attachment options for accessories such as lamps and filters. The very durable tent is produced from tearproof, opaque and air-impermeable material and consists of only one piece. Simply pull it over the frame and close the zippers.


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Ohne Titel

5 of 5 stars
by Peter on 3/14/14

Ich möchte an das obige Kommentar anknöpfen, denn ich hatte dasselbe Problem, bis ich draufgekommen war, dass der "Rahmen" kein Rahmen ist , sondern innen hineingestellt wird, quasi als 2. Boden um die Undurchlässigkeit von Wasser doppelt zu gewährleisten. Deshalb war er ja auch nicht groß genug, weil er nicht außen hin gehört, sondern innen hinein!

Ohne Titel

3 of 5 stars
by Anonym87 on 11/13/12

An sich ein solides Teil aus gutem Stoff! Lichtundurchlässig und geeignet für mehrere Pflanzen. Ich habe aber ein Montags-Produkt bekommen, wo das Aufbauen des Rahmens in den Boden praktisch unmöglich war, weil der Boden falsch vernäht wurde. Ich musste mit einer Schere nachhelfen und Platz "freischneiden" um den Rahmen in den Boden zu bekommen! So einen groben Fehler erwarte ich in dieser Preisklasse NICHT! Deswegen nur 3 Sterne.

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