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Kit - Grow Light - Sylvania Grolux 400 W

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Kit - Grow Light - Sylvania Grolux 400 W
Kit - Grow Light - Sylvania Grolux 400 W #0 Kit - Grow Light - Sylvania Grolux 400 W #1 Kit - Grow Light - Sylvania Grolux 400 W #2 Kit - Grow Light - Sylvania Grolux 400 W #3


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Sylvania High pressure sodium lamp Flowering stage Plant lighting  Indoor growing Horticultural lighting Lighting kit Growth period  Dual lamp HPS Professional plant breeding Additional lighting for plants  Lighting for a flower window HPS


Analog ballast incl. reflector and the bulb.

Comes with following components:


Power Booster VSA 400 W MH & HPS
400 Watt Nav-T Ballast suitable for HPS and MH Bulbs (switchable):

Comes with a bulb with a high red/yellow spectrum (needed for the flowering stage) and also distributes light in the blue spectrum (needed for the growing stage). Thus, this lamp can be also used for the pre-flowering stage. For the main flowering stage we rather recommend a bulb out of this category .
  • Plastic housing
  • fused (16 Ampere)
  • 4²mm connecting clamp (16A - 400 Volt)
  • 50 µF condensator
  • HPS/MH ignitor 35 - 1,000 Watt -- 16m distance
  • silicone wired
  • tension relief


Highly textured aluminium reflector, 42 x 47 cm + E40 socket
Highly textured aluminium reflector with E40 socket, size 42cm x 47cm. All light bulbs (except fluorescent) available in our shop fit this socket.


Bulb Sylvania 400 Watt Grolux

In addition you need:

1. For the wiring you need a cord set (lamp cords).
1.1. If you aren't sure of the appropriate and safe electrical setup please consult an electrician.
2. Probably an attachment to adjust the height of the reflector. Either:
2.1 an Easy Rolls Set or
2.2 a set of hooks with chain
This bulb is very high in the red/yellow spectrum and also high in the blue spectrum, suitable for vegetative growth and the budding, pre-flowering stage.

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