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Plagron Repro Forte 250ml

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Plagron Repro Forte 250ml
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Plagron Repro Forte: In order to get high THC values you may try to use flowering stimulators. Yet often this does not work because the plant puts all its energy to creating more simple sugars instead of THC. This can be prevented by the use of Plagron Repro Forte. Plagron Repro Fortemakes the plant devoting its energy to extra powerful fruit-growth.THC consists of very complicated molecules. Thus the plant needs a lot of energy to produce this sustance, in fact twice as much as would be necessary for the regular leaf growth. Biochemical processes in the plant convert the simple molecules in the stem and leaf into complicated THC molecules. Plagron Repro Forte accelerates and boosts this process. During the production of THC the sugars move from the dying points of the leaf.

Yellowing of the leaf therefore does not have an adverse effect on the production of THC. Vitamins and trace elements in Plagron Repro Forte support the enzymatic processes and transportation of sugars and thus you'll get an increased production of THC.

Usage Plagron Repro Forte: Dilute 1 ml in 1 litre of water and give it to the plants with the nutrient water once a week. Can be used throughout the entire cultivation process.


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