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Plagron - P-20% 1l - Phosphorus Additive

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Plagron - P-20% 1l - Phosphorus Additive
Plagron - P-20% 1l - Phosphorus Additive #0


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In nature, too, it is a question of 'give and take'. For an optimum reward, you therefore need to give your plants the necessary NPPs, preferably in an appetising form. The P of Phosphor is a very popular dish for your plants. It promotes unprecedented root activity and puts plants in the flowering mood that you are looking forward to.

The problem with administering phosphor (P), however, is that it is an especially powerful nutrient, which can quickly lead to overdosing. To make things a good deal easier for you, we are pleased to offer you P Plus. P Plus is completely clean and does not leave any ballast substances behind. The added value of P Plus is that it can be consumed by plants exceptionally quickly. P 20% can be of service to any plant in any medium.

P Plus is a liquid fertilizer that is entirely free of chlorine and ballast. In all modest, we can say that P Plus is a result for growers of any type of plant at all. P Plus is more, but never too much.

sage: average: Dissolve 4.5 ml in 1 litre of water (e.c. of the solution 1.3)


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