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HOMEbox Seconds XL+

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HOMEbox Seconds XL+
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Indoor growing Special offer Professional plant breeding Second quality Indoor plant cultivation


Bargain Offer: A Homebox XL+ Seconds at a special price thanks to a slight manufacturing flaw: The interior isn't perfectly white as with the common Homeboxes but slightly gray / dull

The difference is quite hard to shoot. But this picture illustrates it quite nearly. To the left is the interior of the Homebox offered here, to the right the interior of the common Homebox.
Farbunterschied Homebox / 2. Wahl

The Homeboxis the perfect Grow Tent for perfect propagation results. The Homebox has an aluminum frame with connecting pieces that are covered with a light-impermeable tent.
  • Size: 144cm x 144cm x 200cm
  • without equipment
You can assemble the Homebox Seconds in about 20 minutes without any tools! Dismantling the Homebox is, of course, just as fast and simple. All parts are reusable and durable.

The Assembly
The Homebox consist of light aluminium bars which assemble into a frame with the help of connectors. The upper frame provides fastening pieces that support all the additional equipment like grow light reflector, exhaust fan and filter. The very robust tent is manufactured from a tear-proof fabric that blocks light and air. It consists of only one piece and is simply pulled over the frame and fastened with zippers that also provide access.


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Ohne Titel

4 of 5 stars
by spokkie on 12/12/09

wenn man nachrechnet dann ist der preis pro m² anbaufläche wirklich super. 2,08m² bei der xl maxi zu 1,44m² bei der xl - das heißt für mich 50% mehr für weniger geld. ich hab mir 3 stück geholt und bin zwar etwas verwundert wie man so eine box mit grauem innenfolie bauen kann ohne das zu merken, aber mir wurscht. guter preis für diese anbaufläche.

Ohne Titel

5 of 5 stars
by Safari on 11/3/10

Sehr geile Sache! Einfach für 20€ Melinex Folie reingemacht und ich hab ne 1A Box, bin sehr glücklich!

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