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Sphagnum Moss, compressed, 100 g

Sphagnum Moss, compressed, 100 g
Sphagnum Moss, compressed, 100 g #0
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Oxxford® Sphagnum moss is a renewable natural product from New Zealand. After the harvest it will be cleaned dried and compressed so it can be packed in a handy size. The moss can be stored for an almost unlimited period of time.
This moss is normally used as padding material for hangings baskets or as substrate for orchids. It's recommended for being pervious to air and loose and therefore avoids stagnant moisture.
This substrate is often added to special soil for seedlings and rootings of plants.

Put the compressed moss in a bucket and fill this with 1.5 l water / 100 g moss. Leave it there until the moss has soaked all the water. You will then have about 1.5 kg Sphagnum moss ready for use.


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