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Canna COGr Vega A&B 2x 1L

Canna COGr Vega A&B 2x 1L
Canna COGr Vega A&B 2x 1L #0
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Growth period  Canna Professional plant breeding Fertiliser Coco slab Substrate mats Liquid fertiliser  Indoor growing Propagation of cuttings


Canna COGr Vega is a growth fertilizer specially designed for Canna COGr or comparable Cocos mats.
Thanks to the concerted nutrients, the combination of Canna COGr fertilizers and mats offer a perfectly adjusted Grow concept.
The Canna COGr concept is suitable for hard and soft water, can be used in ordinary pots and represents an excellent alternative to conventional substrate variants.

Canna COGr Vega application: Add Canna COGr Vega to water in a ratio of 1:250 (400ml A and 400ml B per 100 L water). First add Canna COGr Vega A, stir through well, then add Canna COGr Vega B. Let the mixture rest for a few hours.
Administer this mixture 1-3 times a day and ansure a drain of 10-20%. NEVER mix Canna COGr Vega A + B without prior dilution.


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