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PopUp Soil for Palms & Foliage, 10 liter pack, compressed

PopUp Soil for Palms & Foliage, 10 liter pack, compressed
PopUp Soil for Palms & Foliage, 10 liter pack, compressed #0
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Coir substrate
10 L0,50
Indoor plants soil, Palm soil

Palm trees Container plants Foliage plants Repot House plants Potting soil Romberg Indoor plants soil Ornamental plants


This high-quality soil for palms and foliage is made from renewable resources (mainly coconut) and is 100% peat-free.
The process of fertilisation is plant specific, but this batch of fertilised soil should always be enough for about 4 weeks. After that we recommend supplying your plants with a suitable additional fertiliser.
This potting soil is supplied readily packed in a handy, waterproof bag and is easy and safe to use
The gentle compression guarantees fast swelling and optimum quality composition. The substrate is prepared from organic matter as well as the trace elements boron, copper and zinc in agronomically relevant quantities.
  • Salt content: 1.0 g / liter
  • pH: 5.0
  • Nitrogen (N): 200 mg / liter
  • phosphate (P2O5): 100 mg / liter
  • potassium (K2O): 600 mg / liter
  • Magnesium (Mg): 80 mg / liter
Instructions for use:
  1. Cut the bag at the top.
  2. Pour 1 liter of lukewarm water into the bag and wait 2-3 minutes until the substrate has gained some volume.
  3. Then pour 2 more liters of water on the substrate in intervals of 2-3 minutes.
  4. If the substrate has absorbed the water completely, mix it well to get +/- 10 liters of soil.


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