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White praint for frost protection, 1 kg

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White praint for frost protection, 1 kg
White praint for frost protection, 1 kg #0
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Frost damages
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Schacht UV protection  Against frost damage Plant reinforcement


White paint for fruit trees is a biological product by Schacht that has been successfully used for over 70 years and meets all the requirements of a weather- resistant and resilient means of tree protection.
In winter, the extreme temperature differences between day and night as well as the differential heating of the north and south sides of the trunks and lower branches of trees and shrubs can lead to severe tissue tensions.
As a result, the bark tears open or whole bark plates get chipped off. This is called frost cracks or frost plates.
Timely treatment with this white paint for fruit trees reduces the heat differences of the trunk, and can prevent frost damage as far as possible.
A great side effect: The white paint also prevents an early sprouting of buds and thus reduce the risk of freezing of the flowers.
Pits and small cracks in the bark are closed, and the bark remains elastic.

  1. Remove loose pieces of bark from the trunk.
  2. Apply the paint from the root base to the lower branches

Technical details :
  • 1 kg of white paint for fruit trees yields 2-3 gallons of paint. This quantity is sufficient for about 10 trees with a trunk height of 1-1.5 meters.
  • main components are a special chalk against ultraviolet radiation as well as binders and weathering agents
  • application throughout the year at temperatures above 0 ° C
  • approved for organic farming.


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