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Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles, 45 liters

Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles, 45 liters
Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles, 45 liters #0
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Hydroculture, blähtonkugeln

Hydroponic plant cultivation clay pebbles Hydroculture Canna Hydroponics Indoor growing hydro correls blähtonkugeln


Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles are baked clay granules which form an ideal substrate for the experienced gardener.
The unique structure of Canna Clay Pebbles makes them an ideal base for gardeners who want to control the supply of nutrition and moisture directly throughout the growth process.
Canna Clay Pebbles are manufactured from special types of clay with a low contant of soluble salts.
This makes them very suitable for growing in recirculating systems.

Canna Clay Pebbles contain a high pore volume with a high air content which ensures strong roots with a firm hold.
They are inorganic and pH neutral.
A substrate for hydroponic systems, for rapidly growing vegetables, herbaceous, flowering and fruit bearing plants.

Canna Clay Pebbles give you the basis for optimal growth and flowering.
The substrate is suitable for both run-to-waste and recirculating systems.
Canna Clay Pebbles can also be used to improve soil drainage. Therefor apply a layer of 4 cm of clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot.

  • Prior to further use, rinse the Canna Clay Pebbles with clear water to remove any dust particles. This avoids clogging of drippers in a recirculating system.
  • Fill the pots to the brim with clay pebbles.
  • Watering with nutrients is required. Please use the appropriate fertilisers like Canna Aqua Vega and Canna Aqua Flores to invest in quality and security.


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