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Twister T2 Harvesting Machine

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Twister T2 Harvesting Machine
Twister T2 Harvesting Machine #0 Twister T2 Harvesting Machine #1


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The Twister T2 is probably the fastest trimmer in the world. It is equipped with an extremely strong suction unit and a unique blade assembly that guarantees the best cutting performance without risk of damage to the final product.

The 11 self-sharpening StaySharp blades reach up to 19,250 cuts per minute and meanwhile guarantee a consistently high quality of cut.
At the same time, it is extremely easy to disassemble and clean and thanks to its sealed electric elements may even be easily using running water.
Another special feature is the large rubber tireswhich permit a rapid change of location. The extraction system is of course also easily transportable.

An additional special feature of the T2 is the ability to operate two coupled T2 Twisters and thus increase the cutting performance even further.

Technical details Trimmer:
  • Size approx: 108 x 70 x 82 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: approx 97.5 kg
  • Output opening 152 mm
  • Blade Motor: 1HP, fan-cooled, stainless steel
  • Tumbler Motor: 1/30 HP, epoxy Coated, water resistant
  • Current consumption: 14.8 A
Technical details leaf collector:
  • Height approx 92 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Motor: 2HP, fan-cooled
  • Engine speed: 3450 RPM
  • Suction approximately 2900 m³ / h
  • Current: 9 A
  • Current (start): 45 A
  • Volume: 80 db


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