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GHE - FloraNova Bloom 473 ml

GHE - FloraNova Bloom 473 ml
GHE - FloraNova Bloom 473 ml #0
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FloraNova Bloom is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer for flowering. It is used during the flowering phase of the plant and guarantees for a rich harvest.

As part of the FloraNova series, it combines the advantages of liquid fertilizer and dry concentrate. It is suitable for all kinds of plants and all media.
Flora Nova is also suitable for hard as well as soft water, pH stabilized, highly concentrated and yet easy to use.

Thanks to the high concentration of FloraNova, already low amounts of fertilizer are sufficient to supply your plants optimally.
And thanks to the many additives, FloraNova also guarantees a balanced and healthy diet.
Flora Nova was developed specifically for hydroponics, but is just as well for all other methods of cultivation.
  • FloraNova Bloom liquid blooming fertilizer
  • N-P-K: 4-8-7
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Highly concentrated
  • Ideal for hydroponics, but also for all other media


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