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GHE - Flora Kleen 1 L

GHE - Flora Kleen 1 L
GHE - Flora Kleen 1 L #0
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FloraKleen by GHE is used to remove residual salts in hydroponic systems or media. FloraKleen is suitable for all substrates and can be easily applied throughout the whole development cycle of the plant.
FloraKleen is designed to remove fertilizer residues in all types of farming systems, whether hydroponics, soil or any other medium.

FloraKleen dissolves accumulated salt deposits and thereby prevents salting of the roots. Unwanted chemical connections are broken and thus the availability of nutrients for the plant is increased. Moreover, FloraKleen serves as a food for the microorganisms contained in the substrate, thus improving the soil structure.
FloraKleen can be used both during the entire plant cycle or as a final rinse to remove fertilizer residues from medium and fruit.

In addition, FloraKleen can be used to clean hydroponic systems and prepare them for a new crop cycle.

  • Flora Kleen desalter
  • Cleans hydroponic systems and media from salinisation
  • Protects plants from damage by salinity
  • Can be used as a final rinse
  • Optimal synergy with GHE Ripen


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