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BioTabs Bactrex 50g

BioTabs Bactrex 50g
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Fertiliser Organic fertiliser


Bactrex by BioTabs is a highly concentrated Trichoderma solution. Trichoderma protect the roots of plants from damage by other fungi, thus preventing a disease of the plant.
Bactrex can be used indoors and outdoors and is suitable for earth as well as coco. Bactrex can be used simply and easily for the protection of cuttings and seedlings as well.

Apart from Trichoderma, Bactrex contains numerous soil and root microbes for soil improvement. The balanced selection of these microorganisms improves soil fertility significantly.
The combination of Trichoderma and helpful bacteria ensures a healthy, balanced and uniform growth of the plants. Bactrex can also be combined optimally with other products by BioTabs, especially Mycotrex.

The BioTabs complete system is ideal for use with Autopot irrigation systems.
BioTabs offers a detailed guide for optimal performance.
  • Use as cuttings and seedlings protection:
  • 1g in 1L water
  • 1 liter is sufficient for about 50 cuttings / seedlings
  • Use in BioTabs complete system:
  • 1g in 1L of water after planting
  • 1g in 500ml of water per plant in week 5


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