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BioTabs - 10 tabs

BioTabs - 10 tabs
BioTabs - 10 tabs #0
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Organic fertiliser Fertiliser


BioTabs are organic fertilizer tablets for use on soil and coco. BioTabs can be used in both outdoor and indoor.
BioTabs are uncomplicated to use. The BioTabs are simply mixed with the soil before starting the grow. 10 Tabs are enough for up to 100 liters of soil.

The BioTabs fertilizer tablets offer a balanced nutrient base for the entire life cycle of the plant. The nutrients are released slowly to prevent over-fertilization of the soil and the plant.
BioTabs contain all important minerals, bacteria and organic substances for a healthy soil life. BioTabs consist of a mixture of organic meat, blood, feather and fish meal, natural humic acid as well as numerous bacteria and slow-acting nitrogen.

The BioTabs complete system is ideal for use with Autopot irrigation systems.
BioTabs offers a detailed guide for optimal performance.
  • BioTabs how to:
  • 1 tab for a 5 liter pot
  • 2 tabs for a 10 liter pot
  • 3 tabs for a 20 liter pot
  • 5 tabs for a 50 liter pot
  • Press BioTabs about 5 cm into the ground


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