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BioTabs Starterkit

BioTabs Starterkit
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Organic fertiliser Fertiliser


The BioTabs Starter Kit contains a selection of concerted BioTabs products. This set has been compiled for use with soil. The BioTabs products should be used with non-fertilized or slightly fertilized earth in order to achieve an optimal result.
The BioTabs Starter Kit is suitable for treating up to 100 L of soil. A detailed description including instructions is included with the set.

BioTabs is one of the pioneers in the field of organic plant growing. All products by BioTabs are based on organic principles and are suitable for biological plant breeding.

The BioTabs complete system is ideal for use with Autopot irrigation systems.
BioTabs offers a detailed guide for optimal performance.
  • The BioTabs Starter Kit includes:
  • 1 pack of Bactrex 25g - a selection of bacteria and fungi for improving the soil
  • 1 pack of Mycotrex 50g - highly concentrated mycorrhizal spores for optimal root development
  • 1 pack of BioTabs 10 pieces - 100% organic fertilizer for healthy and intensive growth
  • 1 bottle of Orgatrex 0.25 L - organic growth and flowering accelerator full of trace elements
  • 1 pack of Startrex 250g - organic soil conditioners, ideally suited for the regeneration of spent earth


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