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BioTabs Startrex 1500g

BioTabs Startrex 1500g
BioTabs Startrex 1500g #0
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Fertiliser Organic fertiliser


Startrex by BioTabs contains a wide range of soil organisms for improving the soil structure. Startrex consists mainly of humic acid, humus and silicone.
Startrex can be used as a part of the BioTabs grow system or for refreshing used soil or coco.
For this purpose, the soil has to be cleaned of large roots and the top layer of the medium has to be removed and provided with a new, enriched Startrex layer.

The BioTabs complete system is ideal for use with Autopot irrigation systems.
BioTabs offers a detailed guide for optimal performance.
  • Application for soil refreshing:
  • Leave soil or cocos in the pot
  • Remove stem and large roots
  • Remove the top 5cm
  • Mix 25g Startrex with 1 liter of soil or coco and add the mixture as new top layer
  • Application in BioTabs complete system:
  • Mix 25g Startrex with every 5 liters of soil or coco


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