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HOMEbox Ambient R80S

HOMEbox Ambient R80S
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Base area:
80 x 60 cm
70 cm
336 m³
Metal, Synthetics
Beige0,50, White0,50

Indoor plant cultivation Indoor growing Propagation of cuttings


The HOMEbox Ambient R80S is a small breeding tent for the cultivation of cuttings and seedlings. It is also ideal for growing kitchen herbs or the like.

The HOMEbox Ambient becomes the new top model as the successor of the HOMEbox Evolution. The biggest and main difference lies in the revised appearance of the grow tents.
While the tens of the former HOMEbox series looked rather plain, the HOMEbox Ambient series can convince aesthetically as well. Especially, of course, thanks to the new color scheme which together with the black stitchings gives the tents a modern look.
Another important difference to the Evolution series is the double bottom of the Ambient line. In addition to the removable waterproof tray, the HOMEbox Ambient also features a second zipped on floor.

Except for these differences, the Ambient builds on the improvements already known from the HOMEbox Evolution. These include a strong, sturdy framework, numerous light-proof openings for air hoses, Omniflow air intakes with insect screens, light-proof zippers and more.
The Homebox Ambient of course also features the highly reflective PAR+ internal coating. Thanks to this PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) optimized coating, the light in the box distributes not only optimally but it also helps to avoid heat problems such as hotspots.

Technical details:
  • Size: 80 x 60 x 70 cm
  • Exterior Material: Polyester
  • Internal coating: PAR+
  • Waterproof, removable bottom tray and additional second floor
  • Strong 16 mm metal frame, max load up to 50 kg
  • Omniflow-Airvents: 2x 125 mm (1x right, 1x left)
  • Hose openings: 1x 100 mm (back), 1x 125 mm (left), 1x 160mm (top)


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