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Glass Ashtray "In Weed We Trust" standard
Brand new!

3.99 € *
circa £2.89
0.0 of 5 stars
Smoking Metal Rolling Machine standard
Brand new!

4.09 € *
circa £2.97
0.0 of 5 stars
Stash Bottle "AquaFina"
Brand new!

26.95 € *
circa £19.54
0.0 of 5 stars
Screwable Pipe "Cool Labyrinth" 8.5 cm
Brand new!

8.19 € *
circa £5.94
0.0 of 5 stars

Headshop categories

  • Pipes & Smoking Devices

    Pipes & Smoking Devices
    Welcome to our pipe shop! Our smoking devices section contains every kind of portable pipe, except bongs or water pipes. Metal pure pipes, shabongs, shotgun pipes and one hitters as well as chillums and so on. A special kind of smoking device is …
  • Smoking Accessories

    Smoking Accessories
    Smoking accessories means filters, filter tips, activated charcoal filters, tampers, lighters, screens, pipe cleaners and anything else you might need.
  • Herb grinder

    Herb grinder
    A herb grinder is the perfect device to grind your herbs and spices. Herb grinders are sometimes also referred to as bud grinders or herb mills because you can use them to crumble or mill buds and herbs for further consumption.
  • Blunts

    Blunts are for the gourmets among smokers. Blunts are used as a substitute for cigarette papers and are available in various flavors. We offer brands like Cyclone Blunts, Juicy Jay's Blunts, Platinum Wraps, Double Blunts and many more.
  • Rolling Papers

    Rolling Papers
    If you want to roll your own, you need the right cigarette paper for the job. We offer OCB, RAW, Smoking Papers and many other rolling papers in different sizes and designs.
  • Snuff Stuff

    Snuff Stuff
    Snuff Stuff, accessories for sniffing - this includes feeders, snorters and snorter tubes, tar paper, mirrors, mills or entire sets. Check out the snuff bullet dosage controller, sniffer tubes, tear-resistant paper, mirrors or all-in-1 kits.
  • Scales

    We offer digital scales, spring scales, calibration weights and more. Check out our digital scales in various ranges, from 100g to 5000g, some complete with calibration weights, some extremely inconspicuous, some truly classic. In particular the …
  • Drug Tests

    Drug Tests
    A drug test helps you find out if you have ingested a traceable amount of a controlled substance, if, for example, somebody has put something in your drink. We also stock substance tests and drug test helpers.
  • Zip Bags

    Zip Bags
    The practical zipper bags have already solved many a transportation problem. Their sealing capacity and reusability make them an affordable and practical travel companion. By now there are ziplock bags with a variety of designs: Whether you …
  • Safes and Stash

    Safes and Stash
    If you're looking for secure storage for valuables or a safe hiding place for small objects, then one of our tiny stash boxes and safes is the right choice. Whether you hide it in hollow batteries, stash lighters or specially prepared beer cans - …
  • Boxes and caskets

    Boxes and caskets
    Wooden, metal or plastic caskets, tins and boxes. We've got everything you need to store small valuables safely and in a stylish package.
  • Lifestyle

    There is a large selection of gimmicks and gadgets, banners and flags, as well as buttons, badges, pins, caps or other fashion accessories. Zeitgeist for hemp friends.

Headshop head&nature - to roll your own:

The Head Shop offers Smoking Pipes made from glass, acrylic, bamboo or metal, Herb Grinders, Snuff Stuff, Rolling Papers, Rolling Machines, Tobacco Boxes, Blunts, Drug Tests and even products like Snorting Tubes and Snuff Bullets.
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Here's a list of countries and shipping costs: Shipping Costs.

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