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  • 103 Topseller Grow
    Top sellers, specials and promotions from our wide range of grow articles & accessories.
  • 642 All-in-one Kits
    Cultivation of Cannabis - all you need to get started. Here you'll find all the necessary equipment for hemp home growing, such as reflectors, light bulbs and vapour lamps, ballasts, fertilizers, activated carbon filters.
  • 660 Fertilizers and Nutrients
    The latest high tech fertilizer compositions increase the harvest greatly. Fertilizers specially developped for home growing..
  • 641 Growing Media
    Here you get the soil and growing media for a successful home grown crop.
  • 643 Pots and Greenhouses
    Here we offer you a large selection of pots and other plant containers and greenhouses in all sizes and shapes. And of course all necessary accessories as well.
  • 640 Grow Lights
    In the Grow Lights section you find different types of lamps for indoor gardening and home growing.
  • 650 Ventilation
    Ventilation for intake and exhaust to improve your home growing experience.
  • 4232 Irrigation
    Professional irrigation uses tubes/pipes, spikes and drippers. Thus the plants will be supplied with water and nutrients to keep your home growing project running even when you are away.
  • 690 Growing Equipment
    Everything you need for successful gardening and home growing.
  • 554 Propagating Cuttings
    Cuttings are a popular way of growing young plants without the constant use of new seeds. With the right equipment, the raising of cuttings is not only a cheap but also a convenient and simple alternative.
  • 680 Crop & Treatment
    Anything you need after a successful home grown harvest.
  • 172 Outdoor Equipment
    Useful things for outdoor-growing as handy little garden tools, slug pellets, deer browsing stop and much more.
  • 655 Dark Room - Growtent
    Dark Room - Light-proof Growtents
  • 645 HOMEbox
    The HOMEbox is likely to be the best known Grow Tent throughout Europe. A HOMEbox offers the best conditions for plant growth. The HOMEbox is a german high-quality product by Eastside Impex for all indoor growing needs. The HOMEbox is available in …
  • 702 GrowLab
    The Growlab series is the newest product by the makers of the famous Homebox. Developed in collaboration with american specialists, the Growlab series is to be seen as one of the most sophisticated, advanced and highest quality grow rooms of all …
  • 743 Grow Rooms Remaining Stock
    In this category you will find remaining stocks of prior HOMEbox, Dark Room and Growlab revisions.

The Grow Shop offers products for Outdoor and Indoor Growing and plant cultivation. The Homebox and other growtents are very popular at the moment. They allow growing even in the smallest appartements. You can order Lamps / Lighting Bulbs (HPS, CFL by Osram, Philips, Sylvania, Nurturelight) with reflectors (and Cool Tubes) and ballast, ventilation (with fan and activated carbon filter) and irrigation systems, flower pots and little green houses particularly for cuttings. Fertilizers by Canna, Ecolizer, Hesi, Plagron BioBizz and other manufacturers top the product line off. Furthermore we offer devices for yield and processing of plants.
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Here's a list of countries and shipping costs: Shipping Costs.

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