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Bongs by brand

Bongs by brand - there are some international brands, and also quite a few professional glassblowers in Germany and other european countries specialized in the manufacturing of glass bongs - you can find those brands here.



Amsterdam XXX

Amsterdam XXX Bongs

Amsterdam XXX bongs are colourful bongs that bring the lifestyle of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to your home. These attractively priced glass bongs are just perfect for people who make a point of smoking with good tools even at festivals or outdoors, but at the same time do not want to haul their heavy and expensive glass bongs.

Bam Bam Bhole

Bam Bam Bhole Bongs

Glass bongs by Bam Bam Bhole Berlin, one of the veterans among German manufacturers and importers of bongs and water pipes. Here you will find the good stuff by Bam Bam Bhole in all sizes, every style and in every price range.

Black Leaf

Black Leaf Bongs

In recent years, Black Leaf Bongs have evolved from popular entry-level models for bong novices to serious high-end bongs, giving even the big brands quite a run for their money. Their price-performance ratio always remained perfect and their excellent smoking behavior has received exactly the right finishing touches. Black Leaf bongs are no longer just simple party and festival glass bongs, they now boast a huge range of models with various outstanding features.

Blaze Glass

Blaze Glass Bongs

Blaze Glass Bongs are high quality bongs for connoisseurs. This bong line convinces by unusual and attractive looks and individual designs.


Boost Bongs

Extraordinary design, fine smoking qualities and extra thick glass: Boost Bongs


Breitseite Bongs

Bongs by Breitseite (in English: Broadside) wake the buccaneer in you. If one of these pipes hits you with a broadside, you'll not only hear parrots squawk, you will also feel the deck move under your feet . Beware of high waves!


Bullfrog Bongs

Fat and mean, this must be a toad. The thick calibers by Bullfrog honor their name with fattest smoking pleasure without any unneccessary bling bling.


Dude Bongs

Dude bongs come in different forms and sizes, but always in nice boxes.


Ehle Bongs

Ehle glass water pipes are a class of their own. Unsurpassed in design and functionality yet with a reasonable price. Simply beautiful to look at and to smoke.


Flow Bongs

Flow bongs are high-end bongs made from extra thick 5mm glass only.

Four Twenty

Four Twenty

Four Twenty Bongs are high quality waterpipes with modern designs. The combination of high-quality glass, modern bong tech, attractive appearance and unusual designs make these pipes a real collector's item for bong lovers.


Giant Bongs

The Titans among bongs say hello. These bongs are only for real fans of sport smoking. Beginners: Please continue, there is nothing to be seen here.

Grace Glass

Grace Glass Bongs

Grace Glass Bongs are definitely not falling from grace! They are extraordinarily designed bongs with a touch of colour and outstanding smoking performance.


G-Spot Bongs

G-Spot Bongs are made in Wertheim, the famous glass-making town. G-Spot Bongs impress with excellent workmanship, attractive designs and excellent performance for demanding smokers.


Highline Bongs

High Line is a range of affordable bongs with an attractive appearance. The bongs by Highline convince through finesse and playful details.


Hurricane Bongs

Hurricane Bongs are the choice if you are looking for handmade waterpipes.

Jelly Joker

Jelly Joker Bongs

Jelly Joker bongs are colorful, high-quality glass bongs at affordable prices. These attractive bongs are intended for smoking enthusiasts.


Jetstream Bongs

High-end acrylic bongs by Krass Design - these authentic Jetstream bongs epitomise the luxury category of acrylic smoking.


Kulu Bongs

Kulu acrylic bongs are classic Dutch acrylic pipes, often decorated with colorful gradients. Acrylic Bongs by Kulu are traditionally manufactured in India and subject to stringent quality control.


Narcotic Bongs

Narcotic stands for very individual designs. But Narcotic bongs are not just for the eye, the pleasure of smoking these crazy bongs is outstanding as well.


Psycho Bongs

Psycho bongs are the absolute price breakers in our assortment. The bongs from the psycho series are simple but uncompromisingly cheap.


Shanti Bongs

Shanti is known for their appealing waterpipes at affordable entry-level pricetags. Glass bongs by Shanti offer a wide range of colours and shapes and convince through both the good workmanship as well as their unique details. Shanti glass bongs are fairly inexpensive, but never cheap.


Smile Bongs

Smile Bongs are handmade in Germany. Every single bong is tested for tension and damages before shipping. Innovation and attractive design combined in well-crafted bongs.


Wave Bongs

Wave Bongs are high quality modern bongs at affordable prices.

Weed Star

Weed Star Bongs

WEEDSTAR Bongs by Highlord Ziggi Jackson, Saviour of Smoking Art and Keeper of the Kick. Pipes with Power!

In addition to these specialists there is a large number of glass factories and artists designing bongs and waterpipes in Europe and all over the world.

You'll find an assortment of almost all major bong manufacturers and brands available in Europe in our shop: Weed Star bongs, Ehle, Grace Glass, Bam Bam Bhole, Smile, Black Leaf and many more.