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Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic bongs are the changelings and quick-change artists among bongs. They are available in almost all possible (and sometimes even impossible) color variations.



Acrylic Bongs medium

Acrylic Bongs medium

Medium sized acrylic bongs up to 40cm tall. Low priced colorful waterpipes for your couch table.

Acrylic Ice Bongs

Acrylic Ice Bongs

Acrylic ice bongs in different sizes. These bongs are made of acrylic and offer compartments for ice cubes.

Bongs or water pipes made of acrylic or plastic are mostly equipped with metal shillums. Almost always these are removable for an easy cleaning of the bong and available in various sizes and colours. A great advantage of these acrylic bongs is that they are very sturdy, you can carry them anywhere and they are very affordable.