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Bong categories

  • Bongs by brand

    Bongs by brand
    Water pipes sorted by brands. Weed Star bongs, Ehle, Bam Bam Bhole, Smile, Black Leaf and many more.
  • Acrylic Bongs

    Acrylic Bongs
    Acrylic bongs are the changelings and quick-change artists among bongs. They are available in almost all possible (and sometimes even impossible) color variations.
  • Glass Bongs

    Glass Bongs
    Glass bongs are very popular due to their neutral taste, their unique style and their perfect and long-lasting smoking performance. They are available in all kinds of variants. We offer bongs by Ehle, Weed Star, Bam Bam Bhole, Black Leaf, Republic of Bongland, Jelly Joker and other renowned glass blowers. You can get them in standard thicknesses and diameters and in basic configurations, or you can choose one of our glass water pipes with a wall thickness of 5mm, sandblasted design or other nifty features.
  • Percolator Bongs

    Percolator Bongs
    These bongs feature a built in percolator which works similar to diffusers and precoolers.
  • Other Bongs and Waterpipes

    Other Bongs and Waterpipes
    Other bongs and water pipes, made out of different materials. We've got bongs made from bamboo as well as metal bongs, classic Holland bongs and DIY-bongs to build by yourself.
  • Bong Bowls

    Bong Bowls
    Need a new bowl for your glass bong or acrylic water pipe? Here you can get a large variety of bowls. Some are very extraordinary.
  • Bong Downpipes

    Bong Downpipes
    Downpipes for all kinds of bongs. We offer aluminum downpipes, glass down tubes, glass diffusers and other connectors and adapters for bongs and water pipes.
  • Bong adapters & connectors

    Bong adapters & connectors
    Want to try 2 bowls on a bong? Or need to put a 18.8mm bowl on a 14.5mm joint size bong? Here you find a large variety of adapters.
  • Bong Pre-Coolers

    Bong Pre-Coolers
    Bong pre-coolers. If you get a sore throat smoking a regular bong, try a pre-cooler. Easy to use and makes smoking really mild.
  • Concentrates & Dabbing

    Concentrates & Dabbing
    Bongs are also ideal for gently inhaling the vapor of concentrates. Thanks to our wide range of dabbing articles, every bong becomes an oil evaporator quickly and easily.
  • Bong activated carbon

    Bong activated carbon
    Enhance your bong smoking experience and make it a bit healthier via application of activated carbon.
  • Bong Vaporizers

    Bong Vaporizers
    Bong Vaporizers are the healthier way to enjoy your herbs - our vaporizers for bongs are the perfect solution for those who do not necessarily want to inhale all the bad stuff with the good stuff, but still do not want to miss their favourite herbs and bongs.
  • Bong cleaning, pipe cleaners

    Bong cleaning, pipe cleaners
    Comes a time you'll need the right cleaning agent for your water pipe, bong or any dirty old hubble-bubble you might be using. Brushes, plugs for the shot hole, Schmand Weg and Bongofit. Clean your glass bong and acrylic bong decently for maximum enjoyment.
  • Bong Accessories

    Bong Accessories
    A rich selection of accessories for water pipes and bongs. In this category you'll find screens and dirt traps to keep your bong clean. But it's not only about clean bongs, but also about clean inhalation, that's why we offer bong vaporizer accessories and diffusion pearls.
  • Bong Sets

    Bong Sets
    Various compilations of glass and acrylic bongs with accessories. Cleaning Kits and remaining stock sets as well as special sets, seasonal specials, mixed sets, Party packs - bongs and accessories in countless combinations!

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Bongshop head&nature - world of waterpipes

Our Bong Shop allows quick access to all our bongs. You can browse bongs by material and brands. Furthermore we offer a wide range of accessories like bowls, downpipes, precoolers, screens and cleaning equipment. All our products are presented with professional pictures to allow sound decision-making.Acrylic Bongs and Glass Bongs are the main categories of the Bong Shop. The best-known brands are Hurricane, Ehle, Weed Star, Magic Glass, Bam Bam Bhole and many more. But there are also waterpipes made from bamboo and metal and even ceramic and electric bongs.
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Here's a list of countries and shipping costs: Shipping Costs.

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