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Cigarette smell neutralisers

If you like to smoke inside, whether in your apartment, your office or any other enclosed space, for better or worse you will have to deal with the resulting nicotine smell. Here you find some effective means for quick air-improvement which will help you remove or cover the smell of smoke.


Not everybody appreciates the lingering smell of tobacco in a living room. Especially if you have invited over your non-smoking friends or family, you are sometimes in need to quickly remove the smell and traces of nicotine and refresh the air.

This is possible by simply covering the odor, for example by burning incense - but if you want to remove it completely, there are some odour neutraliser brands like ONA, Vaportek and Limpuro to do the job. Their products will make the cigarette smell go away and restore peace in your household permanently. Air fresheners against all types of problematic smells are a true life saver, especially in small apartments.