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actiTube (formerly Tune) - smart smoking Berlin provide activated charcoal products to enhance your smoking experience and make it a bit healthier. They have their own set of filters and tobacco pipes specially adapted to these charcoal filters.


How often can you reuse actiTube filters?

Activated charcoal filters are reusable, but not infinitely. In general, the filters should obviously no longer be used when they become clogged and don't let any more smoke through. How soon that occurs depends on various factors such as smoking habits and style and type and quantity of tobacco or herbs smoked. As a rule of thumb, on average you can roll 4-6 cigarettes with one filter.

actiTube Slim for thinner cigarettes

If you like to roll slim and the rather heavy actiTubes are getting in your way, check out the Slim version of the actiTubes - the perfect reusable filter for everyday use. It is still slightly longer than a conventional cigarette tip filter, so we recommend Rolls or extra long papers - or rolling with an extension paper - to keep the quantity of tobacco more or less the same.

actiTube instructions: Which way round should the filter be inserted

? If there's one thing most people want to know about using actiTube filters, it is the correct direction of insertion while rolling. Simply put, the filter should not burn or start smoking, which is why the ceramic end must be pointing towards the tobacco, as this is the place where the burning happens. If you insert it the wrong way, the paper end might catch fire. This also applies if you use the filters in pipes!