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Metal & aluminium herb grinders

Metal herb grinders are more robust than the wooden or acrylic ones but also a little more expensive. On the other hand, the material yield of any acrylic herb grinder simply can not be compared with the excellent performance of a good metal grinder.


Metal, in most cases aluminium, is the preferred material for grinders that have to last long and achieve much. Metal herb grinders are real workhorses - the teeth stay sharp for a long time, grinding is easy and cleaning is no problem. Metal Grinders are for all those who grind herbs on a regular basis.
Many metal herb mills have a magnetic lock for special convenience.

Aluminium herb grinders

Manufactured with the lightweight material aluminium, these grinders are more robust than any other acrylic or wood grinder. The material offers an eye-catching surface, which reflects light in an extraordinary way, so these products connect the functionality and the flawless look of aluminium or other high-grade metal.

The grinding performance mainly depents on the amount and shape of the grinding pins or teeth, and also the quality of the rubber joints makes some difference.

Cleaning, however, can be carried out with almost every cleaning tool whithout damaging the material. The surface is resistant to minor scratches and handles even rough treatment. Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion, which makes it insusceptible to almost every danger that a grinder can face during normal use.