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Canna probably is one of the best known brand names of fertilisers. Apart from the Terra series with the classics Terra Flores and Terra Vega, they also offer a complete sortiment of specialized fertilisers.




Biocanna Fertiliser

The Biocanna series is a 100% organic fertilizer series by Canna. All products of the Biocanna series are certified and may be used for growing organic plants in accordance with international rules. The Biocanna series includes fertilizers, additives and media.

Canna Terra

Canna Terra Fertiliser

The Canna Terra fertilizer series has been specifically designed for use with fast growing plants on soil. The series consists of the two fertilizers Canna Terra Vega and Canna Terra Flores and three variants of growing media.

Canna Coco

Canna Coco Fertiliser

The Canna Coco fertilizer series was developed specifically for growing on coconut substrates. It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced growers. In addition to the Coco fertilizers, Canna also offers a range of suitable substrates.

Canna COGr

Canna COGr Fertiliser

The Canna COGr series is intended for advanced growers who want maximum control over their breeding system. The Canna COGr series consists of fertilizers, buffer solution and COGr mats.

Canna Aqua

Canna Aqua Fertiliser

The fertilizers of the Canna Aqua series were specially developed for use in recirculating irrigation systems. In these systems, the effluent is pumped back and re-used. In addition to the fertilizers, the Canna Aqua series also features a specially tuned medium.

Canna Hydro

Canna Hydro Fertiliser

The Canna Hydro Series is designed specifically for irrigation systems in which the nutrient solution is not reused. Canna Hydro supports the strong points of these run-to-waste systems, in particular the exact dosing of nutrients.

Canna Additives

Canna Additives

In addition to fertilizers for the different media, Canna also offers a wide range of additives. Canna offers additives for each phase of plant life, from cuttings (RHIZOTONIC) to flowering (CANNA PK 13/14).