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Biocanna Fertiliser

The Biocanna series is a 100% organic fertilizer series by Canna. All products of the Biocanna series are certified and may be used for growing organic plants in accordance with international rules. The Biocanna series includes fertilizers, additives and media.


Bio Vega and Bio Flores

Similar to the Vega and Flores fertilizers of the famous Terra series, these two Biocanna fertilizers are specially designed for the breeding of fast-growing plants on earth. Bio Vega has been developed for the growth phase while Bio Flores is intended for plants in the flowering phase. Both are natural and ecologically produced from 100% vegetable raw materials.

BioRhizotonic and BioBoost

These two plant tonics help support plants optimally during their most critical phases in life. While BioRhizotonic is intended for young plants and supports the development of a healthy and powerful root system, BioBoost helps the plant to form a richer and more flavorful harvest during the flowering phase.

Bio Terra Plus

Bio Terra Plus is a certified organic soil substrate specifically for use with the fertilizers of the Biocanna series. Together with the Biocanna fertilizers, you can grow plants on Bio Terra Plus that do not only meet the highest ecological standards but also provide excellent results in the form of impressive harvests.