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Canna Coco Fertiliser

The Canna Coco fertilizer series was developed specifically for growing on coconut substrates. It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced growers. In addition to the Coco fertilizers, Canna also offers a range of suitable substrates.


Canna Coco A&B fertilizer

The fertilizer of the Canna Coco series consists of two separate elements, A and B. This fertilizer has been designed as a two part fertilizer to effectively prevent the clogging of the nutrients in the bottle. Canna Coco A&B offers all the nutrients a plant needs throughout its entire life cycle. Thanks to the special properties of the coconut substrate, a division into a special growth and flowering fertilizer is not necessary.

Coco substrates by Canna

Canna offers a range of coconut substrates for use with the Canna Coco fertilizer series. Besides the two substrates Coco Natural and Coco Professional Plus, a special version for use with irrigation trays is also available with the Coco Slabs.