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Canna COGr Fertiliser

The Canna COGr series is intended for advanced growers who want maximum control over their breeding system. The Canna COGr series consists of fertilizers, buffer solution and COGr mats.


Canna COGr Flores and Vega

Unlike with the normal Coco series, Canna offers a specific growth and flowering fertilizer for the COGr system. Just like the Coco standard fertilizers, Canna COGr Flores and Canna COGr Vega are two-part fertilizer solutions, each consisting of an A and B part. This prevents the clogging of the nutrients, thus improving the takeup by by the plants.

Canna Buffer Agent

The Canna Buffer Agent is specifically designed to correctly buffer the COGr mats before use. This ensures an optimal medium and excellent properties of the finished COGr boards.

Canna COGr Boards

The Canna COGr mats are sold dried and unbuffered. Together with the Canna Buffer Agent, the dry mat is turned into a top-class medium. Thanks to the sophisticated coarse structure of the COGr boards they are a nearly optimal medium for plants.