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Canna Additives

In addition to fertilizers for the different media, Canna also offers a wide range of additives. Canna offers additives for each phase of plant life, from cuttings (RHIZOTONIC) to flowering (CANNA PK 13/14).



Canna RHIZOTONIC is an additive for the improvement of the root formation in young plants. Canna RHIZOTONIC improves the soil climate and helps cuttings or seedlings to regenerate from stress. Canna RHIZOTONIC can also be used to improve the germination rate of seeds.


Canna CANNAZYM supports the immune system of the plants through the application of natural enzymes. This is achieved by improving the floor structure, for example by composting dead root systems. In addition, CANNAZYM also prevents the development of harmful bacteria and fungi.


Canna CANNABOOST is a bloom stimulator and health improver in one. CANNABOOST can be used on all media. It supports the plant in the formation of mature blooms and helps to achieve richer and more flavorful crops.

Canna PK 13/14

Canna PK 13/14 is a high-dose preparation of pure phosphorus and potassium. These two elements are required by the plants during the flowering phase. PK 13/14 is suitable for all media and helps to achieve a rich harvest.

Canna individual nutrients

In addition to the additives tailored to the specific stage of life of the plant, Canna also offers a number of individual nutrients such as calcium or phosphorus to specifically counteract deficiencies.