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Canna Media and Substrates

Apart from their huge selection of fertilisers, Canna also offers a wide range of growing media and substrates


for growing on soil, coco and in hydroponic systems.

Canna Soil - the Terra Series

Canna offers high-quality growing soil for the needs of beginners as well as advanced gardeners with the Terra series. In addition to a special potting soil, the Canna Terra Seed Mix, Canna also offers two quality cultivation soils: Canna Terra Professional and Canna Terra Professional Plus. For growing on a biological basis, they even offer the 100% organic Canna Bio Terra Plus potting soil.

Canna Coco - coco and COGr media

Canna offers four versions of the ever-popular coconut substrates. In addition to Canna Coco Natural, Canna Coco Professional Plus and the Canna Coco Slabs, there is also a version available for professional users with high demands and great horticultural experience with the COGr boards.

Canna media for hydroponic systems

Besides the already mentioned coco slabs, clay pebbles are also often used in hydroponic systems. The Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles are an excellent basis for first-class cultivation success in the usual high quality by Canna.