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Professional irrigation uses tubes/pipes, spikes and drippers. Thus the plants will be supplied with water and nutrients to keep your home growing project running even when you are away.

  • Irrigation Complete Kits

    Irrigation Complete Kits
    Complete irrigation kits for the connection with nutrient pumps + Hydroponics equipment.
  • Spray Bottles

    Spray Bottles
    Spray bottles for more air humidity
  • Electric Water Pumps

    Electric Water Pumps
    Electric water pumps can be used for lots of different tasks: They can pump water up from a well, supply your garden pond with fresh water or are suitable for feeding nutrient solution in water culture systems.
  • Water hoses & tubings

    Water hoses & tubings
    Various kinds of water tubings and capillaries and hoses in various models. We offer Tricoflex hoses to connect to the pump or to install an irrigation system in general.
  • Hose Connectors

    Hose Connectors
    Hose connectors for connecting the individual elements of an irrigation system.
  • Watering trays & mats

    Watering trays & mats
    Watering trays and irrigation mats can hold up to 3 liters per m² and thus enable the plant to gradually absorb water via the roots.
  • Nutrient Solution Tanks

    Nutrient Solution Tanks
    Tanks and deposits for nutrients consist in most cases of plastic and serve to save or to dispense liquid nutrients. A deposit should have the following qualities: Opaque and protected against spillage.
  • Water Filters

    Water Filters
    Water filters are absolutely necessary. Otherwise the thin drip tubings or capillaries will clog and, in the worst of cases, your plants might die.
  • Autopot irrigation system

    Autopot irrigation system
    Autopot provides an advanced system for professional irrigation both indoor and outdoor.
  • Nutriculture irrigation systems

    Nutriculture irrigation systems
    Nutriculture offers a wide range of irrigation systems. Thanks to the various sizes and models, Nutriculture irrigation systems are suitable for almost any situation.
  • Aeroponics

    Aeroponics means growing plants without the use of soil or any other medium in an air or vaporized water environment. Originally developed to be used in space flights, aeroponic culture differs from both hydroponics and in-vitro (Plant tissue culture) growing. Unlike hydroponics, which uses water as a growing medium and essential minerals to sustain plant growth, aeroponics is conducted without a growing medium - although sometimes aeroponics is also considered a subdivision of hydroponics, as it still uses water, albeit in its vaporized form.
  • Hydroponic Systems

    Hydroponic Systems
    Hydroponics or Hydroponic culture is a method of growing plants without soil. I.e. the plants are grown with their roots in an neutral and inert medium like mineral wool, perlite or coir.

    Hydroponic growing systems are perfectly suited for the automatisation of cultures. We offer compact, simple and extensible installations.
  • Irrigation equipment

    Irrigation equipment
    Spare parts & equipment for irrigation systems

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