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Pipes & Smoking Devices

Welcome to our pipe shop! Our smoking devices section contains every kind of portable pipe, except bongs or water pipes. Metal pure pipes, shabongs, shotgun pipes and one hitters as well as chillums and so on. A special kind of smoking device is the electronic pipe. And of course we also sell joint sticks here.

  • Glass Pipes 3160
    Here you find pretty glass pipes and glass smoking tools like shabongs, oil pipes, chillums and glass hand vaporizers in different forms and sizes. Most of our glass pipes are made from heat resistant borosilicate glass for maximum smoking …
  • Metal Pipes 3180
    Metal pipes are extremely portable and durable. Pipes made of metal, aluminium or brass additionally convince through their cooling effect. They aren't too expensive, but if kept in good shape they last virtually forever, and due to their material …
  • Wooden Pipes 3200
    Wooden pipes are the classics among smoking devices. Once you get used to your time-worn and oft-smoked pipe made from rose wood, shisham, ebony or briar, you won't let go easily.
  • Clay Pipes 461
    Clay pipes are the classic tobacco pipes. They are extremely heat resistant and have a neutral taste, that's why they are ideal as test pipes for new tobacco.
  • Soapstone Pipes 3210
    Soapstone actually is a magnesium silicate which can be obtained whorldwide. Our pipes are mostly out of material from Africa since it is perfect for carving. Due to their cooling effect these soapstone pipes are very popular.
  • Meerschaum pipes 3171
    Meerschaum pipes are very extraordinary pipes. Meerschaum is a rare mineral looking similar to white clay. The porous structure keeps the smoke mild and cool. Furthermore, the pipe itself is a kind of natural filter, which absorbs the nicotine. …
  • Electronic pipes 3240
    Electronic pipes are battery operated and have a fan that moves the smoke into your mouth automatically - no need to even breathe anymore!
  • Screwable Pipes 3190
    If regular pipes are too large for you then you can use screwable pipes. You can easily take them apart for transportation.
  • Stealth Pipes 3182
    Stealth Pipes - You wouldn't suspect that these are smoking tools in disguise. Stealth pipes are the right tools for your secret smoking mission. By a few easy steps, by joining, twisting or unfolding, they change their shape from an unremarkable …
  • Coloured Glass Pipes 3031
    Exclusive glass in different colour gradients, each of these pipes is handmade and completely unique. Maybe a pipe distinguishes itself only in detail, perhaps through its gradient, a particularly beautifully curved mouthpiece or a glass …
  • Chillums 3170
    Chillums are among the oldest smoking tools. In India, people have reportedly been using chillums for centuries. The classic form of the chillum is a conical pipe, tapered towards the mouthpiece, but overall straight and made ??out of stone, …
  • Shabongs 3230
    Shabongs are very popular mostly in South East Asia. They might be seen as something between a bong and a pipe, they are not used with water but they do have a shothole. Most of those smoking devices which are also called shotgun pipes are made …
  • One Hitter 3232
    One Hitter for accurate dose - a One-Hitter is designed for exactly one shot - an aluminum pipe for precise dosages.
  • Joint Sticks 3181
    Joint sticks are connected with your joint via metal joint filters and give you the full flavour and additional cooling. In this category we also offer some stylish and vintage looking cigarette holders.
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