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Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories means filters, filter tips, activated charcoal filters, tampers, lighters, screens, pipe cleaners and anything else you might need.

  • Ashtrays

    Sooner or later all good things must come to an end. We recommend using one of our ashtrays made of synthetic resin, glass, metal and other popular fireproof materials.
  • Lighters

    Lighters are absolutely essential - without your trusty pocket dragon, you'll be going nowhere. Here we offer a large selection of lighters of all kinds, from classic Clipper lighters to small gas torches or lighting wicks made from hemp fiber.
  • Roll Trays & Weed Boards

    Roll Trays & Weed Boards
    It's the right mixture that is important. A roll tray is simply the best place for your hash trays, papers and filters. With these bowls and boards the preparation is fun, not work, and everything is safely stored and always in its spot.
  • Roll-In Cigarette Filters

    Roll-In Cigarette Filters
    Roll-in filters, whether with or without activated carbon, are essential for rolling cigarettes and blunts. Disposable filters are safe and clean, while metal filters are easy to clean, easy to use and infinitely reusable - you have the choice!
  • Filter tips

    Filter tips
    You won't need filters or filter tips if you like to deeply inhale cigars. All the others should be advised to use filters. And you don't need to spit out those tobacco bits any more.
  • Activated carbon filters for cigarettes

    Activated carbon filters for cigarettes
    Activated carbon filters for cigarettes reduce the harmful substances in cigarette smoke and thus can contribute to lessen the dangerous effects of smoking. They also improve the taste of cigarettes and joints and provide for increased smoking pleasure.
  • Cigarette Rolling Machines

    Cigarette Rolling Machines
    Cigarette rolling machines are the perfect aid for smokers who are not yet that proficient in rolling their own, or who prefer doing things the easy way.
    Machine-aided rolling is simply more convenient. Pre-rolling for the night's party, one-handed rolling while standing in the tram, semi-industrial production on your coffee table at home: For all these applications, a rolling machine is highly recommended.
  • Pipe Screens

    Pipe Screens
    Screens are the essential equipment for pipe smokers - we have spoon type screens, rectangular and round brass and metal screens and various glass filters.
  • Pipe cleaning

    Pipe cleaning
    You need the proper cleaning agent for your pipe, shabong or joint stick. Brushes, cleaning solutions and other useful tools to get your pipe in shape. This will help you remove tarry residues, burnt-in tobacco and other contaminants and clean your pipes right for maximum enjoyment.
  • Odor Control

    Odor Control
    Not everybody appreciates the smell of a well-smoked living room. So why not simply evade the annoyed "What's that smell?" from girlfriend, grandma or roommate? Well-known brands such as ONA, Vaportek and Limpuro remove the smell and help restore the peace in your home.
  • Knaster + herbal blends

    Knaster + herbal blends
    Knaster is a tobacco and nicotine free alternative to normal tobacco and comes in various flavors.
  • Tobacco Bags & Pouches

    Tobacco Bags & Pouches
    Bags, cases and tobacco pouches. For a clean storage of papers, tobacco, pipes and other paraphernalia - great for on the go. Our padded cases are especially suitable for glass pipes.
  • Smoking accesories

    Smoking accesories
    Small items, accessories and gadgets - all kinds of nifty little things that improve your smoking experience and have not found their place in any of the other categories: air fresheners, cleaning accessories, rolling helpers and other tools.
  • Smoking Kits

    Smoking Kits
    The all-in-one kits for smokers who don't want to buy everything seperately.

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