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Rolling Papers

If you want to roll your own, you need the right cigarette paper for the job. We offer OCB, RAW, Smoking Papers and many other rolling papers in different sizes and designs.

  • Papers by brand

    Papers by brand
    Rolling papers, sorted by brand. You'll find cigarette papers by OCB, Rizla, Smoking, Gizeh, RAW and many others here, long papers as well as short papers.
  • Regular papers

    Regular papers
    All the short cigarette papers we have in stock. Short papers measure up to 79mm in length, most of them in the classic 1 1/4 format, some of them also in 1 1/2 size. We also have single wide papers to roll short and slim diameters and double wide papers to roll short and fat cigarettes.
  • Kingsize papers

    Kingsize papers
    This category is for kingsize and extra long cigarette papers. With these papers, which are usually about 110mm long, you can roll your own large and massive cigs - King Size and King Size Slim are the most popular formats for long papers.
  • Transparent rolling papers

    Transparent rolling papers
    Various transparent rolling papers. some of them are even coloured. Roll your own and never lose sight of the content!
  • Flavoured papers

    Flavoured papers
    All the flavoured cigarette papers we have in stock, by brands like Juicy Jay's, Golden Wrap and Brown Sugar - these rolling papers with extra aroma are somewhere between blunts and papers.
  • Papers with Filter Tips

    Papers with Filter Tips
    Rolling papers with filter tips included. These perfectly matched packs combining rolling paper and matching filters make your choice so much easier - and everything is always right at hand.
  • Special Rolling Papers

    Special  Rolling Papers
    Special rolling papers by different producers, in various unusual sizes, shapes, packages and colours.
  • Rolls

    Cigarette paper in rolls format for extra long pure rolling pleasure, wound onto a convenient roll: Rolls are the right papers for professionals looking for the holy grail, the almost endless cigarette.
  • Cones

    The original Cones and J-Ware Cones. Cones are pre-rolled papers in conical shapes - simply fill them up and enjoy, no rolling required.
  • Roll-In Cigarette Filters

    Roll-In Cigarette Filters
    Roll-in filters, whether with or without activated carbon, are essential for rolling cigarettes and blunts. Disposable filters are safe and clean, while metal filters are easy to clean, easy to use and infinitely reusable - you have the choice!
  • Cigarette Carbon Filters

    Cigarette Carbon Filters
    Activated carbon filters for cigarettes reduce the harmful substances in cigarette smoke and thus can contribute to lessen the dangerous effects of smoking. They also improve the taste of cigarettes and joints and provide for increased smoking pleasure.
  • Filter tips

    Filter tips
    Filter tips are needed if you prefer to not have tobacco in your mouth while smoking a roll your own cigarette.
  • Cigarette Rolling Machines

    Cigarette Rolling Machines
    Cigarette rolling machines are the perfect aid for smokers who are not yet that proficient in rolling their own, or who prefer doing things the easy way.
    Machine-aided rolling is simply more convenient. Pre-rolling for the night's party, one-handed rolling while standing in the tram, semi-industrial production on your coffee table at home: For all these applications, a rolling machine is highly recommended.
  • Cigarette Holders

    Cigarette Holders
    In this category we offer some stylish and vintage looking cigarette holders. We also offer the famous joint sticks, which are connected with your joint via metal joint filters and give you the full flavour and additional cooling.
  • Rolling papers boxes

    Rolling papers boxes
    Boxes for rolling papers - boxes and cases made from different materials to keep your papers safely away from harm.
  • Boxes and Rolling stations

    Boxes and Rolling stations
    Boxes not only for cigarette papers but also for tobacco and rolling accessories. Also available: The highly recommended rolling stations which allow perfectly rolled cigarettes even under adverse circumstances.
  • Rolling Paper Accessories

    Rolling Paper Accessories
    Accessories like hash boxes and merchandise items for various papers.
  • Rolling Paper Sets

    Rolling Paper Sets
    Samples and special packs of cigarette papers as well as sets with rolling machines already included.

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