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Our hookah shop offers a large variety of shishas, waterpipes, waterpipe tobacco by Nakhla, Serbetli and Haayam. Spare bodies, charcoal pliers and other stuff your waterpipe might need are available too.



Hookah & Narguile

Hookah & Narguile

Here you'll find our affordable selection of water pipes in various sizes and shapes. Oriental hookahs of quality for every budget, suitable for beginners up to professional hookah smokers.

Shisha Tobacco

Shisha Tobacco

Because of fiscal reasons we are not able to provide shisha tobacco at this moment, but we also have a large selection of tobacco substitutes from different manufacturers. To keep your waterpipe tobacco moist, you can get glycerin or a special kind of flavored honey molasses.

Origins of the hookah

The oriental water pipe or hookah has its origins in Arabic countries but has gotten more and more popular over in Europe as well. This water pipe consists of a water filled glass body, a stem with an ashtray and a hose. Even though that sounds like a complicated construction, it is easily disassembled for transportation. Smoking a hookah is usually a very social event since the tobacco lasts rather long and the hose can be passed around to others (or you use a pipe with several hoses).

Also, the bubbles and the sweet flavored smoke create a very relaxing and cozy atmosphere, which is very appealing to many. In addition, the smoke is not as rough in your throat as with a regular cigarette because the water cools it down. And there is a large variety of flavored tobacco available. So it's no wonder that there are so many aficionados of the oriental waterpipe!

Hookah online shop for oriental water pipes

If you are looking for a hookah now, our hookah and oriental water pipe shop is the right place. We offer hookahs of varying sizes and designs. There are waterpipes from 40cm up to 80cm and there are pipes with two or three hoses that can be smoked by several people simultaneously. Then there is a wide rante of hookah accessories and equipment available, such as hoses and bowls. You'll also find small spare parts like mouthpieces, grommets and coal pliers, further hookah bags for transportation and wind covers to protect the coal.