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Shisha & Waterpipe Accessories

If you want to smoke an oriental water pipe you need charcoal, a hose, tobacco and grommets.




Shisha Charcoal

Even if you pinch and scrape, don't save on shisha charcoal, you will regret it. We offer affordable premium quality European charcoal that ignites very fast, provided by brands such as Swift Light, Three Kings or Dutch. We also have more traditional charcoal from coconut fibers such as Cococha.


Shisha Hoses

All the pretty little hoses: Shisha hoses are generally made of cotton, plastic or leather. The advantage of a plastic Shisha hose is that it is more robust than the other ones. Anyway, it's important that the integrated wire is stainless, otherwise the hoses will taste rusty sooner or later.

Shisha Cleaners

Shisha Cleaners

After the fun, the cleaning starts. Good brushes are the essential tool, but we also offer other cleaning products for hookah and shisha, like biological cleaning agents to clean your hookah.


Shisha Grommets

The grommets of your shisha should be changed from time to time for a satisfying smoking experience.


Shisha Mouthpieces

Mouthpieces for your Shisha. Not only in hookah cafes, hygiene plays an important role. Especially if several people are using the hookah, it is highly recommended for hygienic reasons to use mouthpieces when smoking.

Shisha bags

Shisha bags

Shisha Bags for the transport of your oriental waterpipe.

In the category 'accessories' there are hookah cleaners and brushes for stems and glass. Of course there is charcoal available, too, usually in tablets. Should the glass parts of your oriental waterpipe, the stem or the water bodies, break-don't worry, you can choose from our selection. And if you want to start from scratch, then just get the whole set!