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GrowLab is now called HOMElab ... but otherwise the high quality of these excellent tents stays the same!



HOMElab Growrooms

HOMElab Growrooms

A HOMElab boasts good workmanship, sturdy seams and durable zippers. Thanks to the know-how of American and European specialists, the grow tents by Grow Lab belong to the best growrooms available.

HOMElab Kits

HOMElab Kits

Grow Rooms by HOMElab combine the best of american and european knowhow. Here you can find these popular grow tents with convenient and cheap kits.

The HOMElab series is the newest product by the makers of the famous Homebox. Developed in collaboration with american specialists, the HOMElab series is to be seen as one of the most sophisticated, advanced and highest quality grow rooms of all time. In addition to the quality materials used, much attention has been paid to easy operation, maximum flexibility and security. Along with all these improvements, setting up the HOMElab was made even more intuitive and simple. The Grow Labs thus set a new standard for high-quality portable Grow Rooms.