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Headshop: Bongs, Shishas & Waterpipes

Aluminium Grinder - Pushgrinder

3.80 € *
circa £2.98

Very solid aluminium grinder. The top part has a rubber sealing. High quality grinder for a long lifetime. On the push of the button on the upper side of the grinder it will retract its teeth and …

Royal Premium Ice bong "Godfather"

27.95 € *
circa £21.93

The Godfather is in the house and more massiv than ever. This heavyweight bong with it´s deep fat water tank and powerful 29,2mm cut puts up with anything in it´s way and takes no prisoners. There …

Head & Nature - headshop & growshop

Headshop The Head Shop and Bong Shop offers Bongs, Vaporizers, Waterpipes, Grinder, Rolling Papers, Blunts, Zip-Bags, Digital Scales and more products related to smoking. In the Grow Shop you'll find products like the Homebox and other Growtents, Indoor Growing Lamps / Light Bulbs, Activated Carbon Filters, Fans, Pollinators, Pots, Fertilizers by Hesi, Plagron BioBizz and other manuactureres and many other products for Indoor and Outdoor Growing. The Shisha Shop offers Oriental Waterpipes (Hookah) and accessories like Shisha charcoal and spare bowls. Please don't forget to check out our Lifestyle and Specials Section, too.

Black Art Bong 22cm Hemp Leaf

10.95 € *
circa £8.59

Compact black bong with hemp leaf motif. Perfect for travel and secret meetings in the dark. Height about 22cm including Chillum 14.5mm joint

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USA Vaporizer T

9.00 € *
circa £7.06

New version of the well known USA Vaporizer. This vapo is also recommendable for travel and party by its small size. Its dimensions of aprox. 22cm of height and max.10cm of width makes that device …

Mini Shisha / Hookah 23 cm

9.95 € *
circa £7.81

Ideal for beginners and occasional smokers. The Mini Hookahs are superbly crafted considering their price. Particularly compelling for the connoisseur are the screwable gasket and the untypical …

10 Platinum Blunts - Mixture

6.95 € *
circa £5.45
(0.70 €/ pcs.)

This set consists of 10 Double Blunt Wraps (of variable composition). A Double Blunt Wrap pack contains a double pack of Blunts from pure tobacco leaves topped with exquisite flavors. A true …

Acrylic bong activated charcoal set

10.99 € *
circa £8.62

The Acrylic bong activated charcoal set, finally acrylic bong smokers can enjoy full filtration, too. Contents: 20 Mini screens 1 screw-on adapter 14,5 1 14,5er activated carbon adapter 1 …

Canna fertilizer kit Soil

89.99 € *
circa £70.62

Canna fertilizer kit for growing on soil. This package contains fertilizers matched for cultivation on soil. The kit focuses especially on the flowering stage, Terra Flores, Bio Boost and …

Digital scale Dipse M-200 200g/0,01g

22.29 € *
circa £17.49

Noble digital scale Dipse M-200. max. weight 200g accuracy: 0,01g batteries included dimensions: ca. 13 x 7,5 cm weighing tray: ca. 6,5 x 7,5 cm backlit display

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