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Bong cleaning


Schmand Weg Bong Cleaner
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Schmand Weg Bong Cleaner
4.89 € *
Base Price 24.45 €/ kg
apx. £4.28
incl. 19% VAT plus shipping"
5.0 of 5 stars 44 available
Downpipe Brush 23cm
Downpipe Brush 23cm
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5.0 of 5 stars 7 available
Bong Master Liquid Cleaner 100ml
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Bong Master Liquid Cleaner 100ml
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Base Price 97.40 €/ Liter
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Limpuro Bio Cleaner - Concentrate 100ml
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Limpuro Bio Cleaner - Concentrate 100ml
4.19 € *
Base Price 41.90 €/ Liter
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Comes a time you'll need the right cleaning agent for your water pipe, bong or any dirty old hubble-bubble you might be using. Brushes, plugs for the shot hole, Schmand Weg and Bongofit. Clean your glass bong and acrylic bong decently for maximum enjoyment.
To clean a bong as good as possible, some accessories are recommended. You can try without them, but you definitely won't get the same mileage out of a homebrew solution that easily - and you'll need some kind of detergent and brush anyway.

Cleaning a glass bong

Here's what you need to keep your glass bong fresh:
  • chillum brush of suitable size - length should be able to cover the whole downpipe
  • a big brush for the bong itself
  • some kind of cleaning agent
  • recommendation: corks or plugs for shothole and the downpipe adapter

Whether or not you are goi ng to use biological bong cleaners is your own decision. There are plenty of bio cleaners available, and results may differ in some way, but we think that your conscience/karma will be grateful.
There are special plugs available which are cut in exactly the same laboratory standard sizes like common shotholes and 14, 5 / 18.8 connectors.
  1. First you have to add a small quantity of cleaner in your bong and fill it up with hot water. Avoid boiling water: there are different glass qualities, and your pipe might just crack if the water is too hot.
  2. Close the shothole and the connector with corks or plugs and do the shake. Some good music will help.
  3. Now, it is time for action with the brush. You will see: all dirt will make its way towards nirvana almost by itself.

Cleaning of an acrylic bong

It is nearly the same procedure as with glass pipes, but take care of some particularities. First thing, boiling water is a bad idea for glass bongs and you shouldn't even think about using it for acrylics. In fact, even very hot water is able to destroy the whole pipe. Better know your limits and use lukewarm water for safety reasons. Also, better not use any chemical cleaners, they are too strong for acrylic and could lead to loss of colour and deformations of the material.