Concentrate Rigs & Bongs and Pipes for Dabbing

Oil and concentrate rigs are pipes specifically for dabbing, which means a use with essences and oil concentrates. These vapor rigs and bongs already feature the required accessories for immediately getting started with the evaporation of concentrates.
Blaze Glass Oil Bong "Oleum Ingenuum"
{"list_position":24,"systype":"article","name":"Blaze Glass Oil Bong \"Oleum Ingenuum\"","id":"09338","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Grace Glass Oil Pipe 14cm
{"list_position":25,"systype":"article","name":"Grace Glass Oil Pipe 14cm","id":"09105","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Eagle Bill Shake 'n' Vape
{"list_position":26,"systype":"article","name":"Eagle Bill Shake 'n' Vape","id":"06229","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Blaze Glass Oil Bong "Oleum Satanicum"
{"list_position":27,"systype":"article","name":"Blaze Glass Oil Bong \"Oleum Satanicum\"","id":"MA-13218","list_name":"tree-3267"}
'Black Leaf' Horny Glass Pipe
{"list_position":28,"systype":"article","name":"'Black Leaf' Horny Glass Pipe","id":"14024","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Grace Glass Bong "Svelte Green Svenya" 22 cm
{"list_position":29,"systype":"article","name":"Grace Glass Bong \"Svelte Green Svenya\" 22 cm","id":"10946","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Grace Glass Bong "Svelte Blue Svenya" 22 cm
{"list_position":30,"systype":"article","name":"Grace Glass Bong \"Svelte Blue Svenya\" 22 cm","id":"10945","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Perc Oil Bong + Banger
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":31,"systype":"article","name":"Perc Oil Bong + Banger","id":"14114","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Happy Valentine Glass Pipe
Temporarily out of stock Bestseller
{"list_position":32,"systype":"article","name":"Happy Valentine Glass Pipe","id":"12481","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Bud Boy Oil Bong "Baby Boy"
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":33,"systype":"article","name":"Bud Boy Oil Bong \"Baby Boy\"","id":"11306","list_name":"tree-3267"}
Blaze Glass Oil Bong "Oleum Robustum"
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":34,"systype":"article","name":"Blaze Glass Oil Bong \"Oleum Robustum\"","id":"09339","list_name":"tree-3267"}
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