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Ehle Bong straight - 500ml - 18.8mm - without kick

Ehle Bong straight - 500ml - 18.8mm - without kick
Ehle Bong straight - 500ml - 18.8mm - without kick #0 Ehle Bong straight - 500ml - 18.8mm - without kick #1 Ehle Bong straight - 500ml - 18.8mm - without kick #2
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Item number
37 cm
Joint size:
18,8 mm
Downpipe length approx.:
125 cm
Bong without shot hole
18,8mm Glass Water pipe Bongs Smoke


Bongs by Ehle are the most popular waterpipes on the market. With its long lifetime, their very good workmanship and its almost fabulous smoke performance a genuine Ehle bong is a true gem for any collection and and worth every single cent you paid
for it.

Ehle Bongs are water pipes that are affordable and promise the highest level of smoking pleasure. Aesthetics and smoking pleasure are the hallmark of this water pipe.

Outstanding properties of the pipes are the processing, the smoke performance and the repair service.

The 500 ml bongs are the Ehles classics. Here in a cylindric version without kickhole.
  • Ehle Bong straight - 500ml - 18.8mm - without kick
  • Ehle Bong with 18.8 mm joint size
  • Height approx. 37 cm
  • 500 ml volume
  • Sandblasted Logo
  • Hexagonal base
  • bowl and downpipe included
  • 3 mm thick walls
  • Ehle Bongs are repairable

The continuous wall thickness also at the downpipe is accented as an specific property of the Ehle Bongs.
The downpipe is made separately by Ehle. Thereby the downpipe has also the same wall thickness as the rest of the bong. Other manufacturers extract the downpipe from the bong. This reduces the wall thickness and produces a breaking point.

Furthermore it should be pointed on the accurate fit of Ehle.
All Ehle downpipes are made by Schott, which means highest quality and all parts fit exactly. It is advisable to buy only original parts. Low priced downpipes may not fit exactly.

The repair service for Ehle Bongs is excellent. All Ehle waterpipes can repeatedly be repaired. It does not cost much and concerves your water pipe for eternity.

This bong is a
headmins fav
headmins fav !


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really good stuff!!!

5 of 5 stars
by Ricardo on 9/30/13

not mine, but I was at a freind´s house not that long, and he got this bad boy out the closed and oh my God, that was a blast. the bong is amazingly well made, the joins are smooth but wide. the mouth feels very nice gaiant your lips the base is pefect so you never feel like the bong is going to fall down. My freind told me that he left the bong fall once from the table and since them there is a mark in the floor, jajajajajajaja An amazing bong from the Big Boys League, for a stupid price. Dont doubt it take it!

German engineering on the highest level!

5 of 5 stars
by Andrew on 5/3/16

I am having this bong for a month now, I have the red white logo. I must say when I first got it I amazed how light it is though because the duran glass! It hit you smooth and easy to clean. This brand just as good as any roor without the hype!

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