G-Spot Butane Gas Extractor
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G-Spot Butane Gas Extractor

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The butane gas extractor by G-Spot is made from top borosilicate glass 3.3. The long experience of G- Spot in the manufacture of high quality glass products make the G- spot butane gas extractor a product of the absolute top class.

  • G-Spot butane gas extractor
  • Borosilicate glass 3.3 with 5 mm wall thickness
  • Diameter approx 50mm
  • Length approx 30cm

How to use the G- spot butane gas extractor:
  1. Fill the cut or chopped herbs into the glass tube (not too full).
  2. Place the filter into the cap of the tube and put the cap firmly onto the glass tube.
  3. Hold the extractor with the conical end upwards over a bowl so that the five openings of the cap look down (about 5 cm distance from the bowl).
  4. Press the butane gas bottle into the single upwards hole until the bottle is empty (use a matching if needed). A liquid flows from the extractor into the bowl which consists of liquid gas and oil extracts.
  5. Now just wait until the gas evaporates. To speed this up, you can place the bowl in a warm water bath.
  6. Remove the now finished oil.
Caution!!! Danger!!! Use gloves because the glass tube is very cold during the extraction process! Make sure that the area you use the extractor in is very well ventialted! It is best to use the extractor only outdoors! NEVER use the extractor near open fire. Danger of explosion! NEVER smoke near or during the extraction process! Danger of explosion! Beware of sparks from electronic devices or some clothes! Danger of explosion!
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