Glass Bowls 18.8mm joint size

Matching bowls for glass bongs with 18.8mm ground joint, from simple standard glass bowls to unusual specimens made of coloured glass or with built-in diffuser.
Glass Bowl "High Ground" 18.8mm
{"list_position":72,"systype":"article","name":"Glass Bowl \"High Ground\" 18.8mm","id":"03013","list_name":"tree-2920"}
HY glass bowl - 18.8mm
{"list_position":73,"systype":"article","name":"HY glass bowl - 18.8mm","id":"00709","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Black Leaf Bowl Points 18,8
{"list_position":74,"systype":"article","name":"Black Leaf Bowl Points 18,8","id":"MA-14205","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Black Leaf Bong Bowl Whirl 18,8
{"list_position":75,"systype":"article","name":"Black Leaf Bong Bowl Whirl 18,8","id":"MA-14197","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Glass Bowl Mixed Colour 18,8
Brand new!
{"list_position":76,"systype":"article","name":"Glass Bowl Mixed Colour 18,8","id":"14460","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Highline MK73 - 18,8
{"list_position":77,"systype":"article","name":"Highline MK73 - 18,8","id":"14253","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Jelly Joker Twister Bowl 18.8
{"list_position":78,"systype":"article","name":"Jelly Joker Twister Bowl 18.8","id":"11787","list_name":"tree-2920"}
18,8 Glass bowl Surprise Set
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":79,"systype":"article","name":"18,8 Glass bowl Surprise Set","id":"14036","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Amsterdam Bowl 18,8
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":80,"systype":"article","name":"Amsterdam Bowl 18,8","id":"MA-14375","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Glas Bowl Cylinder 18,8
Temporarily out of stock Bestseller
{"list_position":81,"systype":"article","name":"Glas Bowl Cylinder 18,8","id":"13080","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Bowl stepped 18.8 Rollstop
Temporarily out of stock Bestseller
{"list_position":82,"systype":"article","name":"Bowl stepped 18.8 Rollstop","id":"13077","list_name":"tree-2920"}
Glass bowl with  screen/ handle 18.8
Temporarily out of stock
{"list_position":83,"systype":"article","name":"Glass bowl with screen/ handle 18.8","id":"MA-Bowl-63","list_name":"tree-2920"}
In this category you will find bigger glass bowls with the standard joint connection size of 18.8 mm. No matter what shape, color or design you are looking for, you will certainly find it here. Please make sure that downpipe and bowl have the same joint size!
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