RAW Hemp Wick 3m
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RAW Hemp Wick 3m

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RAW Hemp Wick 3m
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RAW Hemp Wick 6m
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Hemp Wick 1m + Dispenser
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RAW Hemp Wick 76m
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RAW Hemp Wick 1m
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RAW Hemp Wick is the optimal solution for all smokers who don't like the taste of gas / petrol (lighters) or sulfur (matches) while smoking.

RAW Hemp Wick is made from naturally grown, pesticide-free hemp and coated with natural beeswax. Like all RAW products, RAW Hemp Wick is thus a genuine alternative for environmentally conscious smokers who do not want to miss out on the best quality at the same time.
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Its a must (RAW Hemp Wick 3m)

5 of 5 stars
by E on 5/31/19

Its a must for every bong user

Good stuff (RAW Hemp Wick 6m)

5 of 5 stars
by Shishkin on 10/5/21

Very convenient gadget. You can catch and burn all stuff pieces in every bowl corner, if you know what I mean.

Get this and save! (RAW Hemp Wick 76m)

5 of 5 stars
by Weed love on 10/17/16

Loving the hempwick after first use. I would not bother smaller pieces than this. I store it in a ziplock bag for keep it fresh and cut 5m for use!

Rawlicious (RAW Hemp Wick 76m)

5 of 5 stars
by Dub Scientist on 3/6/20

I prefer to buy the 4m and 6m rolls because of the perfect shape/roll they come in, but with 32m and 76m rolls you can also just cut as much as you need and try to roll it around a cylindrical shape if needed. Definitely the best brand at everything, including hemp wick.

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