Wooden Bowls

Wooden bowls for aluminium downpipes. They are popular and inexpensive alternatives to other materials.
Wooden Bowl Surprise
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actiTube Drop Out Bowl
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Wooden bowl with finger grooves classic
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Shisham Bowl
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actiTube Turn On bowl pear wood
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Wooden Bowl, black
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Round wooden bowl with carved decoration
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Wooden Bowl with carved decoration
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Wooden bowls for the bong are a marvel to behold - wood that doesn't burn? No, because they are made from quite heat-resistable wood. Fine carvings give them an elaborated look. With every use the wood bowl gets burnt slightly and gains a used and individual look.

We offer wooden bong bowls of different colors, shapes and designs. You can also find the innovative activated carbon bowl by actiTube for unrepentant smoking pleasure! Please make sure that bong and bowl have the same screw thread!
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