Acti-Vera by BioBizz 250 ml
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Acti-Vera by BioBizz 250 ml

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Acti-Vera by BioBizz 1 liter
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Acti-Vera by BioBizz 250 ml
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Acti-Vera by BioBizz is an organic activator based on Aloe Vera. Acti-Vera protects the immune system of the plant, improves the metabolism and increases the fertiliser absorption.

Aloe Vera has been used for many years in cosmetics, food supplements and much more. Aloe Vera is known for improving the health of the skin and causing many positive effects.
BioBizz has now succeeded in making the healing properties of the Aloe Vera available to plants as well. The idea is obvious: A beautiful plant is also a healthy plant.

Bio Bizz Acti Vera has a number of positive effects on the plant:
  • Acti-Vera supports and activates the immune system of the plant
  • Acti-Vera improves germination
  • Acti-Vera increases the metabolism of the plants and improves nutrient absorption
  • Acti-Vera helps in the breakdown of sugars
  • Acti-Vera is 100% vegan
Application: 5ml per liter of water at each pouring.

BioBizz Acti-Vera can be applied to all types of plants, in all growth phases and also as foliar fertiliser.
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