Activated Carbon Filter 125mm - 350m/h CTC 70
Activated Carbon Filter 125mm - 350m/h CTC 70 #0

Activated Carbon Filter 125mm - 350m/h CTC 70

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Activated Carbon Filter 100mm - 250m/h CTC 70
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Activated Carbon Filter 125mm - 350m/h CTC 70
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Activated Carbon Filter 125mm - 350m/h CTC 70","id":"03890-125-400","list_name":"articlelist"}
This activated carbon filter filters reliably every kind of odors from the exhaust air. Filter with fleece which is absolutely necessary since the filter is too fast full with coarse dirt and dust.

This filter must be connected to a suitable ventilator in order to work at its best.
The lifespan of the filter depends, first of all, on surroundings temperature and pollutant concentration.
The higher the concentration of the pollutants, the higher the surroundings temperature and the air humidity, the shorter is the life of the filter. Thus, keep the room temperature as low as possible and pay attention that the air humidity is not too high in order to achieve best results.

Technical data

  • Height 65cm
  • Diameter of the connector: 125mm
  • Carbon content: 3kg
Item number
Flange diameter:
125 mm
69.95 €
Maximum flow rate:
350 m³/h
60 cm
Activated carbonMetal
16,5 cm

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