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AutoPot 1Pot set of 48 incl. 750 L Flexi Tank

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AutoPot 1Pot set of 48 incl. 750 L Flexi Tank
AutoPot 1Pot set of 48 incl. 750 L Flexi Tank #0 AutoPot 1Pot set of 48 incl. 750 L Flexi Tank #1 AutoPot 1Pot set of 48 incl. 750 L Flexi Tank #2
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48 Pcs., 40 – 60
Automatic irrigation systems without electricity, Ebb–and–flow system
Autopot Ebb-and-flow system Mechanical automatic irrigation systems Automatic irrigation systems Hydroponic plant cultivation Hydroponics Holiday irrigation Garden watering


This AutoPot 1Pot set consists of a water tank, 48 single pots of 15 Liter and an automatic watering system with no need for power supply or additional pumps. This parts are to assemble within a few minutes without any need for tools. Heart of
system is a water router named AquaValve which supplies your plants with water in an effective way. This is managed only by water pressure, but the tank got to be placed at least 15cm above the pot level.
This system is used all over the world by professionals as it is by private gardeners and known for rationals water management. If once assembled you can use it for years without problems, but got to replace wearing parts like mulch-fleece and rooting barrier from time to time. If 48 Pots are not enough for you, it is easy to expand by a separte extension-set.
  • 1Pot Watering System works without power suppy - just by the water pressure. You wont need any pump.
  • all parts are made of steady UV-restiting plastic
  • outer dimension: 35 x 24,5 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
  • inner dimension 15 Liter Pot: H: 30 cm, Bottom: 19,5 x 19,5 cm
  • Also suitable for 8,5L Pots
  • Spare parts available

In addition you would be in need of:
  • loose soil or media. Recommend: 1:1 Mixtures of Soil/Perlite, Coco / Perlite, Soil/ expanded clay, Coco/expanded clay or Stonewool/expanded clay
  • Water and suitable nutrient

Last but not least::
  1. Place your tank at least 15cm higher than the table to get enough pressure
  2. Never let the tank run dry. Fill up if more than 2/3 are gone
  3. check roots frequently. Root barrier will do the job, but sometimes roots went through drainage holes and could block AQUAVALVE. Cut outgoing roots or use bigger pots.

Set content

Sum of single units:
905.58 €
AutoPot 1Pot watering tray
48AutoPot 1Pot watering tray
11.99 € *
T-Coupling 16mm
2T-Coupling 16mm
0.99 € *
AutoPot  15l pot
48AutoPot 15l pot
4.72 € *
AutoPot valve for 16mm capillary
3AutoPot valve for 16mm capillary
2.95 € *
Autopot Micro-hose, 16 mm Ø, 1 m long
24Autopot Micro-hose, 16 mm Ø, 1 m long
1.79 € *
AutoPot ClickFit adapter with 16mm filter
1AutoPot ClickFit adapter with 16mm filter
13.95 € *
Autopot cross-coupling 16mm to 6mm
Temporarily out of stock
24Autopot cross-coupling 16mm to 6mm
1.49 € *


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